Yes, we do provide you with this opportunity. This is good for driver who would like to invest with us and buy a chauffeur driven business car.

This program however, is not recommended for people who would like to invest and put a driver to run the car. Because, if you put the salary expense, the profit becomes much less and also, since the driver is salaried, the result are not as fruitful as he works for himself.

We can help you setup Uber Car. Following is the breakdown of investment:

The initial capital is AED 70 K consists

1) Down payment 20% of car value - AED 50,000

2) Bank loan processing fee.

3) Traffic registration.

4) Comprehensive insurance.

5) RTA deposits.

6) Salik tag

7) Employment visas for driver (immigration, MOL, medical test, Emirates ID, health insurance) - AED 10,000.

8) Security deposit with RTA - AED 10500 (refundable)

Monthly Installment to pay: AED 8500 x 36 months (All inclusive)

At the end of 3 years, the car can still work for another 2 years and can be either transferred in your name or run in the company